Friday, July 21, 2017

My Sister's Beach Home with some new details....

My sister, Kim has the most beautiful Beach Home.  I did a post about it last July when she and her husband purchased it and started the moving in process.  Since then she has added artwork and other beautiful finishing touches.  Wanna take a look?  I thought so.

I'm happy to say that she is here at the Beach at least one week out of every month and it's great having her nearby!  Last week I dropped by to check on things and couldn't resist snapping a few photos to show you some finishing touches.

This large wall behind the sofa didn't stay blank for long.  Although I know she searched everywhere until she found the perfect artwork, and the Shore Bird print is perfect...

Isn't this pretty?
Let's take a closer look at that yummy, chippy old door over there in the left hand corner.

We found this at a great little seaside shop in Pawley's Island, SC.
Drool worthy...don't you think???  Of course I told her it didn't look good in there and she should give it to me....But, she didn't fall for it!  LOL!

When you have a place at the Beach, Shore Birds are all the rage in home decor, so this one fits in perfectly.
She found this canvas print at Kirkland's.

My Sister is so talented and she has such an eye for detail.  She has truly made her beach home a little piece of Paradise for her and her family.

She's bringing this little Sweetie with her next time...


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can't quite get it right....

I swear, sometimes I think something is just plain wrong with me!  How in the world did this...

turn into this...

Well I'll tell you how.  It's my obsession with trying to decide what works best in this huge kitchen family room living area.  It's not easy I tell ya.  I last blogged about the hutch found at Habitat then painted it gray/blue, which meant the top of the sideboard had to be painted the same color.  Then all the beach elements were added.  Pretty yes, but it just didn't look right in a mostly neutral room.  So.  Drag the hutch top to the garage, buy some paint and proceed to make changes. First I started repainting the sideboard.
I brushed on some darker paint and started wiping it off to give a distressed look.  I painted the top of it with the darker color and wiped it with the grain.  The result is a nice distressed look which actually softened the look.

(pay no attention to the tag still on the might not make the cut!)
 The mirror was also a great find.  I love the silver leaf edges.  It just gives it a little glam and a nice sparkle. 
I then styled it with the metal gate that's been sitting in the closet, and shells, coral and candles.  
I really like it.  For now.  But who knows what might happen next!
Somebody stop me!!!!  
Okay, seriously which one do you like best????
Keep in mind that I do not have the color gray in this living area at all...that justifies the changes, right?????

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Destination....SEA.

This seems to be just about everyone's summer destination...
And when you live next to the seashore...shells, coral, seaweed and all the elements of the ocean, will find a way into your home decor. This thrifted hutch top, painted with chalkpaint and added to the top of the sideboard became the perfect place to fill with seashore inspired goodies.

The gold letters spelling out SEA add the perfect touch...

I hope you enjoy your summer trip to the SEA.  Just remember to use lots of sun screen and don't wade too far out into the ocean.
Or, you can be a fraidy cat like me and never venture out into the water!

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